Monthly Archives: March 2013

Already or all ready

Already (adjective) – used for saying something happened before now.  e.g.  We want a dog, but we already have a cat.  I have seen her already this morning.

All ready – all prepared.  We are all ready to go!


All of us are ready – e.g. We are all ready to go out (all five of us).

Affect or effect

Affect (verb) – to influence or change. e.g. Inflation always affects our level of income;  the divorce affected her very badly.

Effect (verb) – to bring about or cause.  e.g. The Internet has effected a complete change in the way we do business.

Effect (noun):  the result of some action.  The computer has had a profound effect on our lives. The effect of painting with light colours is that the room looks bigger.